Hawaii's Premiere Document Information Management Company

Secure Record Storage

We provide secure off-site hard copy management solutions with a state-of-the-art file tracking and management system, which complies with legal and financial record retention requirements. We can deliver your secure documents directly to your desk the same-day or next-day and provide customized reports for file maintenance, destruction and retrieval.

Why should you store your documents Off-Site?

  • Eliminate misfiled documents and free up valuable staff time
  • Put valuable office real estate to more important uses
  • Comply with legal and financial record retention requirements
  • Reduce risks associated with the physical security and confidentiality of your information
  • Improve access, convenience, and accuracy

Whether for active files, permanent, or long-term storage, Pro-File Record Systems provides you with access to a full range of services to meet your records management and maintenance objectives. Our operation is organized, computerized and managed for peak efficiency, freeing up your resources to utilize your office or retail space and help you focus on managing your business.

For more information, email or contact us at 682-6400.